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Stockholm is the world’s first capital with 100% fossil free bus services

10. april 2019
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As the first capital in the world, the Stockholm region now has 100% fossil free bus services.

Ten years ago, Region Stockholm set an ambitious goal that all public transport by land would be operated with 100% fossil free fuel in 2025. Thanks to targeted work, this goal was already reached in September 2018, seven years before the deadline.

Biodiesel of the type B100 Biodiesel RME and HVO100 Renewable Diesel has been the largest contributing factor to the conversion to 100% fossil free public transport in Stockholm. In total, fossil free biodiesel is used in 64% of the buses in Stockholm.

Biodiesel have several advantages, in addition to being a fully renewable alternative. For example, HVO is classified as the most environmentally friendly fuel by ‘Energimyndigheten’ in Sweden with a CO2 reduction of up to 90% and fewer local particles.

The division between environmentally classified fuels in Stockholm:
(RME and HVO = biodiesel)
Share of buses with RME (Rapeseed Oil Methyl Ester): 51%
Share of buses with HVO (Hydrogenated vegetable oil): 13%
Share of buses with biogas: 15%
Share of buses with ethanol: 21%


We are happy to advice on safe conversion to fossil free biodiesel
As a fuel supplier to the bus operators in the Stockholm region, Biofuel Express has been an important partner and worked closely with the bus companies in the transition from fossil diesel to fossil free biodiesel.
We are specialists in advising and calculating the benefits of fossil free fuel and offer B100 biodiesel RME and HVO100 Renewable Diesel of the very highest quality available on the market.

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