Progress in the establishment of our new truck station in Padborg

25. april 2023
1 minute read

The work to establish the new truck station in Padborg is progressing according to plan, and we expect to open in mid-June. The station will be equipped with 10 lanes for refueling heavy transport such as trucks and buses and has a total tank capacity of 300,000 liters. This makes it the largest fuel station in Padborg.

The station will of course have Biofuel Express’ green products in the form of HVO100 Neste MY Renewable Diesel, diesel and AdBlue.

Ideal location
The new truck facility has an ideal location near exit 75 – the Bov exit. Located close to the motorway, the facility has easily accessible entrances and exits, as well as ample space for trucks around the pumps. It is also easy to access the facility, even for long-haul transport, making it a convenient destination for truck drivers.

More fuel stations on the way
The new center in Padborg is the first of five facilities that we plan to open in Denmark initially. The next project is already underway in Nr. Alslev.

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