Our truck center in Padborg is opening

28. juni 2023
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Biofuel Express, OK, and DCC Energy are collaborating on Padborg’s largest truck facility, which will open on Thursday, June 29th. The facility has 10 fueling lanes and a total tank capacity of 300,000 liters, distributed among HVO, GTL, diesel, and AdBlue. Thus, the three companies are significantly expanding heavy transport’s access to fuels in the border region. The truck facility is located near exit 75 on the E45 highway, specifically at Kilen 4, adjacent to the rapidly growing business area in northern Padborg. The new facility significantly enhances the fuel supply in one of the country’s major logistics hubs. Initially, OK and Biofuel Express will open, while the Shell portion of the truck facility will follow suit in a couple of weeks.

At the new high-speed dispensers, trucks and buses can fuel alternative fuels such as HVO and GTL, in addition to regular diesel and AdBlue. The design of the facility also takes into account future expansion with electric charging for trucks.

Join the grand opening celebration
In connection with the opening, we offer, among other things, breakfast pastries and coffee. Later in the day, there will be sausages and beverages. Additionally, Euromaster offers free tire pressure checks, and DAF Denmark showcases their trucks.

The full range of fuels
The ability to provide customers with access to the full range of fuels for heavy traffic has been central to the collaboration on the new truck facility. Martin Sebastian Agdal from Biofuel Express, who owns the property and has made an agreement with OK and DCC Energy, the operators of the Danish Shell stations, explains this.

“Our focus from the start has been to establish a facility that improves the transport industry’s access to fuel. In collaboration with OK and DCC Energy, we can meet the industry’s needs for both traditional diesel and AdBlue, as well as alternative fuels like HVO and natural gas-based GTL. HVO Renewable Diesel is fully compatible with all modern diesel engines and can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90%.”

The need for accessibility and capacity near the border has also been a crucial element in DCC Energy’s decision to participate in the collaboration. Søren Møller Maretti, Director of Mobility at DCC Energy, explains this.

“We have long wanted to strengthen the Shell network in the Padborg area. And since we have had good experiences from other joint facilities in places like Køge and Vejle, it made sense to participate in this project. Together, we meet the heavy traffic’s need for easy access to both traditional and alternative fuels.”

Similarly, OK has been searching for an opportunity to expand its current capacity to have three stations in the border area. Therefore, market manager Henrik Dehn from OK is extremely pleased to be part of the trio behind Padborg’s new large truck facility, which opens on Thursday, June 29th.

“It is no secret that there has been a need in Padborg to establish a modern facility outside the city, where heavy transport has easier access. We have succeeded very well in a location where we are also immediate neighbors to several Danish companies that are currently expanding their logistics setup in Padborg.”

Overview of dispensers at Padborg’s new truck center
Biofuel Express has four dispensers for HVO100 Renewable Diesel, diesel, and AdBlue.
DCC Energy has three dispensers for Shell GTL Fuel, Shell FuelSave Diesel, and AdBlue.
OK has four diesel dispensers for OK Diesel and two AdBlue dispensers.

The facility has a total capacity of 300,000 liters.

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