Biofuel Express welcomes a new Customer Success Manager

16. november 2022
1 minute read

At Biofuel Express, we are pleased to welcome Jonas Roth as Customer Success Manager. The newly created position will help to support Biofuel Express’ customers to an even greater extent.

Jonas was previously educated in marketing and finance at IHM Business School. In addition, he has previous experience of approaching the fossil-free industry, and he has concretely had truck drivers, bus companies and heating plants as customers.

Jonas sees the work at Biofuel Express as a good opportunity to return to the fossil-free industry and develop Biofuel Express’ already leading position in Scandinavia. Jonas sees many advantages in the fact that it is an industry of the future, and that it is possible both to save money and at the same time contribute to a better environment.

Personally, Jonas is convinced that technology must help to prevent climate change, and he has thus installed solar cells on the roof of his house and is also trying to adjust his consumption.

Jonas can be reached by email or by phone +46 704928941.

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